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What's new in CHEF 4.0?

  • Define Catalog with multiple ETL Processes and their precedence of execution, queue the Catalog to execute all the ETL Processes in it with one go.
  • Assign same precedence for the multiple processes to execute them in Parallel with in the Catalog
  • While queuing choose the Processes and their precedence of Execution in the Catalog with XML based Process Options parameter
  • Also you can exclude steps or run a specific step with in ETL Process with XML based Process Options parameter
  • Turn Logging ON/OFF
  • Email Notification Configuration

CHEF - Common Hosted ETL Framework

  • CHEF is a metadata driven ETL Framework which generates dynamic SSIS package to support disparate data loading processes
  • Creates SSIS package dynamically for 100s of tables/queries from metadata, which otherwise required repetitive addition of SSIS tasks  
  • Supports bidirectional Data Transfer between SQL Azure, Windows Azure Table Storage and SQL Server Databases
  • CHEF gives out of box features like parallelism, lineage, data traceability, logging, scheduling and event handling
  • Automated and metadata driven, hence easy on development, maintenance and support
  • Built on SQL Server Integration Services and support for most commonly used SSIS task
  • Built-in minimum logging that provide snapshot of Data Loading
  • Ease to configure, maintain and use. Metadata update meets the need most of the time

CHEF-Value Proposition

  • Support enterprise application features like parallelism, data lineage, traceability,logging, scheduling and event handling
  • Reduce on-going maintenance overhead for disparate data loading processes
  • One Click Metadata driven ETL Tool
  • Absolute data traceability
  • Framework with out of box Logging and Error handling
  • Easy to on-board comes with installer
  • Adding new feeds is just a metadata change

CHEF Features

  • Parallelism, data traceability
  • SharePoint List Support
  • SQL 2012 support
  • Integration Services Catalogs
  • SQL Azure
  • Azure Windows Table Storage
  • Pre and Post Logging
  • Custom Variables i.e. runtime variable support
    • Multiple result set support
  • Error and Event Handing
  • Preserving auto generated packages in SSIS Catalogs with versioning
  • Maintain the Sequence of Task while creating the runtime SSIS packages
  • Data Flow Task
    • Source Column Data truncation for flat file sources
    • Parallel and Sequential Dataflow
    • Error Output records redirect to Flat File
  • Execute SQL Task
    • Parallel and sequential SQL Task
  • Execute Package Task
  • Email Task
  • DataFlowSet, SQLTaskSet
  • Source Column Data truncation for flat file sources.

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