CHEF Instllation Guide

  • Pre-requisites
    • SQL Server 2012/2014
    • Create SSIS if doesn't exist(SSIS Catalog)
    • .NET Framework 4.0
    • Setup has two components
      • CHEF Engine/CHEF Admin Utility
      • CHEF Database
    • CHEF Engine/CHEF Admin Utility and CHEF Database should be on the same server
  •  Installation Steps
    • Download the .msi from downloads section on desktop
    • Start a Command Prompt as an Administrator
    • Exectue the .msi file
    • Provide The SQL Database Server and Database name
      • CHEF Database Server Name: SQL Server Instance Name where the tool needs to be installed.(eg. MYSQLServer, MYSQLServer\InstanceName etc.)
      • CHEF Database Name: Existing Database Name on the SQL Server Instance mentioned above as CHEF Server.(e.g. AdventureWorks, mydatabase etc.)
    • Click Next after providing the CHEF Database Server Name and CHEF Database name
    • Click Next in this Screen to start the installation
    • Provide the appropriate local Folder path for the installation
    • Click Next on Confirm Installation screen to start the installation
    • Click Close on Installation Complete screen
    • Please check the log on \log folder on sected local folder.
  • CHEF MetaData
  • How it works
    • CHEF Architecture

CHEF Architecture 

    • After successfully installation of CHEF create the Sample XML Metadata (see the CHEF Metadata Section)
    • Insert the XML Metadata in CHEF.Metadata Table by using Insert query or CHEF Admin Utility
    • Start the CHEF_Controller job from SQL Server Agent
    • Insert a request in CHEF.RequestQueue Table

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